Authentic Original Collages

Original Authentic Collages are part of a series of works, some of which are Gold Award winning pieces from Koestler Trust 2017 Award Scheme, 8 images of which were selected for the prestigious 2017 South Bank Exhibition curated by Antony Gormley.

Original Authentic Collage are all hand made, each one a totally unique and  individual design. Made from images collected from newspapers and magazines, each card is a unique piece or artwork that looks beautiful framed but also doubles as a Greetings Card that you can personalise as a gift before you frame.

Original artwork available at Recorded in Art store

Printed versions of the cards can be purchased online at

When serving a prison sentence you only have a very limited amount of money available to spend each week. Erika was allowed initially £10.50 on entry rate, then £15.50 on Standard rate and then £25.50 when she was enhanced after 3 months of her own money each week, plus £10 per week wages for working. This money was used to purchase additional food items, toiletries, and clothing from catalogues or the in-house clothing shop. She would also have to save up for art materials and pay for telephone calls and postage from this money. For this reason Erika began making her own greetings cards to communicate with family and friends rather that buy them from the canteen sheet.

The cards took on a life of their own and have even been entered into the Koestler Awards. Now these Award winning original handmade Original Authentic Collages can be purchased as original art pieces from Recorded in Art Shop. Say something extra special with this unique individual collage artwork that doubles as a greetings card which can then be framed. Each one is totally unique, handmade and signed by the artist.