Helpful Advice

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing a prison sentence, this page is designed to help you answer some questions that you may have about goint to prison and a little about what to expect upon release an what help is available to you. It will also be continually updated as and when more interesting and helpful links and advice as it becomes available.

Also be aware that different establishments have different rules and guidelines as to what you can take in with you. Male and Female establishments will also have different criteria as well as having different reigimes and conditions. The advice given here is from Erika's perspective and experience and is in no way absolute as guidelines and rule change over time and within individual establishments.

Your contributions are welcome, please email All documents may be subject to editing and may require verification.

Useful Links

Beauty out of Ashes is an organisation that brings together women's Organisations from the many areas that women's services cover. Set up in November 2022, Beauty out of Ashes has links to organisations that provide help, advice and ongoing services.

Link to

Beauty out of Ashes Signposting Page

The O'Mara Law Group in the USA has compiled some advice for families who have a family member or friend that may facing the Justice System. The systems in the USA and the UK may differ, but the advice can be universal.

Link to

What to Know if a Family Member or Friend Has Been Arrested