Covid-19 Postcards

"May you live in interesting times" is an English expression which purports to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. These are most certainly "Interesting times!" Erika began depicting the Covid-19 pandemic on 20th March 2020 just before LOCK DOWN as the UK numbers infection transitioned from Epidemic status to Pandemic. The Lock down in our modern society is something that no-one has ever experienced before. Unprecedented measures have been put on our lives, our infrastructure, our governance, our democracy, our work and not least of all our health! We have all had to adapt and change aspects of how we live, and the ways that individuals, communities, businesses and countries respond to this varies widely, differing for many reasons including; Location, economic ability, profession, leadership and personality, to name but a few.


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Covid-19 Postcards are a response to the current crisis in pictures through a lens that focuses on many aspects of the situation and on many levels. Sometimes with humour, sometimes with serious message, they seek to document the crisis on a daily basis as it pans out, sometimes looking at the high profile news stories, sometimes looking at the resonance of effects that ripple through our society.


Erika will continue to document the Covid-19 Pandemic as thoroughly as possible for as long as possible in a mix of humour, fact, observation, news and concern through a unique and sometimes wry lens. The Covid-19 Postcards can be seen in full and followed on Instagram at recordedinart


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