Koestler Arts Awards 2019 entries

Koestler Arts annual award scheme is open to anyone in a secure setting or on licence in the community. They have over 7500 entries across 52 categories. Each entrant is allowed up to 5 entries. Erika submitted 5 entries in 4 different categories and is really proud to have 4  entries exhibited in the 2019 Summer Exhibition at London's South Bank Royal Festival Hall 'Another Me' curated by Sweato Kinch.

Holloway Women's Building Game.

Platinum Award for Graphic Novel

this Holloway Women's Building Game Inspired by the Suffragettes game 'Pank-o-squith' this board game depicts the history of HMP Holloway, this is the first of a limited edition of 20 sets representing all the individual landings and key functioning areas of the prison. This sold promptly at the Private view!

Exhibited at Koestler 2019 South Bank Exhibition

Nitronites and Hi Man

Silver Award for Sculpture

Having been shocked at the amount of Nitrous oxide canisters that litter our streets this artwork questions how future generations will view our society, why these canisters are strewn all over our streets, why they are no recycling protocols and why do we need them in the first place? Does the world really need squirty cream?

Find out more at www.notronites.com

Exhibited at Koestler 2019 South Bank Exhibition

HMP Holloway 1852-2016

Highly Commended Award for Painting

Researching images of HMP Holloway in it's previous Gothic Castle incantation, Erika felt it necessary to record the building in all it's majestic glory before it is re developed. This Oil painting seeks to help remember the building to history.

Out to Lunch and Dentist

'Out to Lunch' explores the phenomenon that everyone is on their phone so much that they no longer know how to communicate with the people that they are with! Everything is recorded and viewed through a very small lens on a camera!

Exhibited at Koestler 2019 South Bank Exhibition

'Dentist' looks at the fear of going to the dentist following having to visit the prison dentist for 3 years! Although this dentist is much better, you still have to ke the 'BRACE' position!

Oh! and don't forget...


Caramel Biscuit, White Chocolate ans 0% Heineken

Erika has also been really shocked at the increase of homelessness that she sees on the streets as she cycles around, people have to literally camp in tents on the street for shelter! The fact that people just walk past people who are journeying through a difficult time in their lives and ignore them as if they are rubbish. This is shame on society and immensely sad.

Exhibited at Koestler 2019 South Bank Exhibition


2018 Royal Academy Summer Show


Erika entered two pieces of work into this year's Summer Show curated by Gracon Perry, celebrating 250 years of this prestigious exhibition.

With 20,000 entries, only 2000 were shortlisted to be considered for display. Erika is really proud to have both her submissions shortlisted. So close and yet so far, unfortunately neither pieces were selected for hanging, this does not diminish from the quality of the pieces, just that they either did not fit with the other work on display or they just ran out of room!

Both pieces are available for sale or exhibition framed.

Please email erika@recordedinart.com for further details.

Shopping at Primark

Black frame, UV protective glass;  Framed, size 75cm x 56.6cm

Tree Cities

Natural wood frame, UV protective glass ; Framed, size 92.2cm x 72cm