Memories of HMP Holloway

Memories of Holloway is a personal project that aims to capture the daily life from the point of view of both the prisoner and the staff. Having received permission from Peabody, the new owners of the site, I have taken photographs of the building inside and out in it's current condition having been empty since June 2016, and using a Wacom tablet, have drawn in the memories of what life was like in the prison when it was occupied and home to over 500 female prisoners. This is a chance to reveal life in the prison in a way that would not have been possible before as cameras are not allowed in the prison system. The scenes depicted are drawn from personal experience or  based on stories told to me by staff or other prisoners.

10 of the drawings presented as A2 prints have been entered into the 2020 Koestler Arts awards as two triptics and a quadtric.

A3 prints are available from Recorded in Art Store.