Helpful Advice


You will be given £2.50 each week from the Governor, other than that all money available to you will be your own, money that you bring in with you or is posted in to you from family or friends. Money can be posted in in the form of a Postal Order (Postal Order charges will apply when purchasing Postal Orders) or cheques, all made payable to ‘The Governor’. Cheques may take some weeks to clear so plan sending money in well in in advance. Money on Postal Orders is available immediately. No cash or bank transfers allowed.

You can take cash in with you, this will be put into your account on arrival. It is advisable if possible to take enough to cover you for some months, save continually asking friends and family to send you money in.

You will generally have two accounts, your holding account and your ‘spends’ account into which your allowance and wages will be dropped into each week.

You will be on entry level when you arrive and have £10.50 of your own money available to you each week. After two weeks you will have £15.50, then if you become enhanced you will have £25.50 available you. These amounts are for convicted prisoners. If you are held on remand you will generally have a larger amount dropped into your ‘Spends’ account.

Your money can be used to purchase Phone Credit, additional food items, toiletries, clothing, catalogue items, stationary.

We hope you found this information useful.